Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our First Blog Ever!

Recently John showed me our friends family blog. They were our friends from law school and John has kept in contact with Andrew through instant messaging and occassional trips. The blog was so cute. I thought what a great way to record some of the events and funny things of life. So here we are and will give it a try.

We have our nephew Zakk here and the kids are building LEGOS. We have had great fun with him. We recently went to our favorite place, Lake Powell. The twins came up with John mid-week and things became a little more stressful. They have no fear of the water and love to mimick their older cousins and siblings. Jumping off cliffs, diving, riding Sea-Doos. They love it all. Tara (Jaremy's wife - my sister in law) who is a master on photoshop, took our family picture at the lake and we are excited to see it. With five small kids, picture taking is always challenging. We love spending that unique time with our family where there are no phones, e-mails, etc... and we are all together on the house boat. It can be close quarters at times, but it always creates lots of good, funny memories.