Thursday, September 20, 2007

BYU Days

I was just talking with my friend, Ashley, last night as we were working out. (I love going to the gym - it is 1 1/2 hours of working your guts out and releasing the days stresses and then coming home ready for anything. Too bad it is at night though, because I just go to bed and a lot of times, that energy does not last until morning.) She started asking me about my college days. I loved college and all the fun times with John came flooding back. I loved riding in John's yellow 75 Ford pickup right next to him, listening to George Strait or Dave Matthews, going for rides up the beautiful canyons or sitting on the back of his banshee tearing up Sand Mountain. We had so much fun, but one of my most cherished memories are those of him playing football and me watching, cheering and anxiously fretting that he would do a great job. He started every single game at BYU. He was a great player. He was always level headed and so humble. I loved him for that. As he got closer to graduating he started to receive some letters from different professional teams. I don't know what was in those letters because he chose never to open them. My friend could not believe that we did not open them and asked if I wanted to open them now. I told her that time in our life happened for a purpose and out of respect for our direction in life, we will not ever open them. John now has old teammates that make millions of dollars playing for various NFL teams and she asked me if we ever regret not trying. My answer is: There is no other place I want to be then right here in Queen Creek, Arizona with him and my five kids. This is what I have dreamed of when I was young and now I am truly living my dream. I love my husband dearly. He keeps getting better and better. It was fun to remember those times at the beginning and the reasons why I fell in love with him. Every year we are together, there becomes more and more reasons why I love him. His patience keeps becoming longer and longer and his drive to be successful and good at what he does constantly is moving him forward. He loves his children dearly and always wants them to be with him. AND he loves me. He loves taking me to concerts where I sing and dance while he listens and occasionally taps his leg with the rhythm. We have had a lot of fun this year. As we strive to follow the Lord's commandments, life seems to be more satisfying and fulfilling. This year we are trying to be more consistent with scripture study and may possibly finish the Book of Mormon as a family for the first time. Our oldest child is seven, so obviously it has taken a little while. I am so glad for all those cherished memories and am excited for the new ones to be made. Which I have realized, happen everyday.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Karate Kids!

Powell and Hannah have been involved in karate for a couple of months now and Saturday they had their first belt exam. This is where all the students who are ready to advance in a belt meet and have to perform in front of their instructor to determine if they have met the requirements to advance.

Powell advanced to a Yellow Belt while Hannah advanced to a White/Yellow Belt. They both did great!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Student of the Month!

Hannah was selected as Student of the Month for her kindergarten class for the month of September! Her teacher said she always tries to do her best and is a good example in class. We are very proud of her! The pictures are from the ceremony the school has each month for the students of the month.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Labor Day

For Labor Day this year we went up to Pinetop where the Flake's were holding a Macdonald family reunion. It was great to see everyone and we loved getting out of the heat. We broke a record in the Phoenix area this summer with over 30 days of 110+ heat! On Monday we went down to the Flake family ranch and the 4-wheelers.